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Typical Buffalo Pest Control Problems

Because it sits along the edges of both the Niagara River and Lake Erie, Buffalo residents may see influxes of mosquitoes during the hottest months of the year. Some residents near Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park may also see an increase of mosquito activity, especially in areas like Albright and Park Meadow. Mosquitoes can leave an itchy welt on the skin after a bite, but they can also transmit diseases such as Chikungunya, Zika virus, malaria, and West Nile virus.

The most dangerous pest problems in Buffalo, however, are the wasps. Buffalo shows extremely high humidity levels throughout the summer months, which are prime conditions for wasps of all kinds. Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and other social wasps in the area can be exceptionally vicious. Bald-faced hornets are one of many species that defend their nest when they perceive a potential threat. Some species of yellowjackets even make their nests underground. In extreme cases, wasps, yellowjackets, or hornets will make a nest on a home and tunnel inward until they are seen flying around interior home spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms, or basements.

Since Buffalo is one of the largest cities in New York State and residents are usually housed closely together, rodents become one of the biggest threats when cold Lake Erie winters take hold. Rodents such as groundhogs and gophers tunnel through yards and feast on valuable plants of all kinds. Mice and rats search for shelter and food in kitchens and basements. They gnaw on walls, chew through food storage containers, tear up materials, and contaminate food. These well-known rodents are also known to carry fleas and ticks and transmit diseases like rat-bite fever and Hantavirus. Since rodents are a significant health concern, officials of Erie County caution their citizens about the dangers and risks rodents cause and encourage them to seek pest control solutions to avoid these dangers. If you think you have a rodent problem, call Fox Pest Control immediately. 

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Buffalo Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– James W. Patton

Posted November 18, 2020

5 Stars

Again, Mark Shutt came through and finished up helping with the moth issue at my parents. He changed out the traps and offered great advise on what we should do and look for. Great job as always! Coleen Rogowski

– Coleen Rogowski

Posted November 14, 2020

5 Stars

Brian J did a great job with the past service call. Very thorough and dewebbed our entire house. Fox has been a life saver since moving into our new home. No ants, bees and spiders. Definitely worth the money and very friendly and professional. Also had them come back out to treat after a recent service call at no charge. Recommend to friends and family for sure.

– Nick H

Posted November 06, 2020

5 Stars

FOX was quick to respond to my intial issue. They also set me up with an affordable quarterly treatment plan. The tech who handled the initial service was knowledgable and friendly. I'm looking forward to keeping a pest free home with Fox.

– Scott Weber

Posted October 30, 2020

4 Stars

The staff who answered the phone were professional and kind, as was the technician who came out to the house. He answered my questions with patience and explained how things would work. I recommend Fox.

– Lucy B. Coburn

Posted September 29, 2020

5 Stars

Jeffery C was our tech today. Great service and information about when to treat inside basement for spiders.

– Doreen Cesari

Posted September 26, 2020

Our Connection to Buffalo

Branch Manager Joe has been with our company for many years, and he loves to spend time with his children whenever possible. Joe has a memory of when he and his daughter, Olivia, went to a local baseball game. This particular game was hosted by the Buffalo Bisons going against the Rochester Red Wings. Olivia was so fortunate, she caught a ball that was hit into the stands! It was a memorable father-daughter bonding experience in the great city of Buffalo.

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