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Typical Newfane Pest Control Problems

Newfane, New York is a beautiful area along Eighteenmile Creek that features fields and woodland areas, as well as numerous ponds. Even though its mascot is a panther, the pest pressure the citizens feel throughout the year is caused by  much smaller critters. Wasps, fleas, and ticks take advantage of Newfane’s lush geography all while squatting at residential homes from time to time.

Wasps are one of the most bothersome problems  Newfane citizens face.  While doing something as simple as taking a walk on a summer day along the railroad tracks that cross Charlotteville Road and Dale Road, it’s important to watch out for potential wasp nests buried in the railway ties or surrounding gravel. For most people, a wasp sting only raises a painful welt on the skin that will go away naturally; however, for those who are allergic, it could be deadly.

The woods and grassy areas both inside and throughout the residential center of Newfane can shelter tick- or flea-ridden wildlife that can spread the pests to residents’ lawns. Fleas are notorious for causing flea allergy dermatitis in pets, but they can also spread the bubonic plague and Murine typhus. Ticks can also spread illnesses like Lyme disease, tularemia, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, Rickettsiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

If you have problems with wasps, fleas, or ticks, it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Call Fox Pest Control immediately for an expert solution to your pest problems.

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Our Connection to Newfane

Fox technician  Tristan  had many memorable experiences around the Newfane area as a young man. One of his greatest memories is the Youth Football Championship game he played in while attending Newfane High School. His entire family came out to support both Tristan and his brother, who also played on the team. Even though Tristan and his brother lost the game 7-0, the support from his nana, mom, and dads made the game unforgettable.

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